Definition of aversive in English:



  • See aversion

    • ‘Stated otherwise, the aversive consequences of continuation of the pattern are so intense, that aversive consequences will be accepted to eliminate the pattern.’
    • ‘He understands what really are the reinforcers and aversive stimuli in the everyday lives of everyday people, like you and me and him and Skinner and Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.’
    • ‘Negative reinforcement involves the removal of an aversive stimulus that also results in an increase in the future frequency of a behavior, and often involves escape or avoidance responding.’
    • ‘For example, if organism A sees organism B running in obvious alarm, A will probably avoid aversive consequences by running in the same direction.’
    • ‘Through our strong aversive reactions to substances such as feces, decaying meat, corpses, and other bodily waste, we police the boundaries of our body from contamination every day.’