Definition of avenger in English:



  • See avenge

    • ‘Second, the apparent willingness to kill very large numbers of wholly innocent humans would reduce the avengers to the same moral level as the terrorists.’
    • ‘The violence continued sporadically for months; and months after it had died down, anonymous avengers riposted with a cycle of bomb blasts, a horrific postscript to the slaughter.’
    • ‘For years I had recurring nightmares of giant, bucktoothed avengers chasing me over endless fields pitted with gopher holes the size of bomb craters.’
    • ‘I don't think I would have gone down in the annals of legendary avengers against evil.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the situation is not changing for the better and not even the ‘masked avengers of neo-liberal capitalism’ are going to right the wrongs of the world.’