Definition of availability in English:



  • 1The quality of being able to be used or obtained.

    ‘turkey producers had been losing sales because of the all-year-round availability of beef’
    ‘the availability of social housing varies widely in rural areas’
    • ‘Accurate prediction of fertilizer nitrogen availability will be difficult.’
    • ‘College characteristics such as cost, availability of financial aid, and location are all considered.’
    • ‘The soil moisture profile should be replenished by the third week of June to provide for optimum water availability.’
    • ‘One consequence is a reduction in the availability of educated professionals for the agricultural industry.’
    • ‘Both groups identified the availability of career opportunities as the most influential factor in their selection of an academic major.’
    • ‘Food availability was not an issue.’
    • ‘Remove bird feeders to help lower the availability of food for voles.’
    • ‘The efficacy is affected by the availability of molecular oxygen in the targeted tumor tissue during irradiation.’
    • ‘The availability of modern health services in the larger cities contributes to better and early diagnosis.’
    • ‘The widespread availability of computer technology makes the application of ecological footprint analysis feasible as a homework assignment for the students.’
    1. 1.1 The state of being otherwise unoccupied; freedom to do something.
      ‘they enquired as to my availability for a game the following evening’
      • ‘Any teams interested in entering should contact the tournament organizer with details of their availability.’
      • ‘The inspector will inquire about the availability of the staff during the survey time schedule.’
      • ‘His apparent availability may now alert other interested parties as well.’
      • ‘He never placed barriers in the way of his warmth and friendship, and his availability to help any of his colleagues.’
      • ‘He was a frequent pundit on TV news, where he twice floated his availability to return as police chief.’
      • ‘He announced his availability to serve as energy czar in the new administration.’
      • ‘We made an inquiry last week to establish his availability.’
      • ‘They are compiling a list of every officer's availability to fly to Southeast Asia to help with the search.’
      • ‘He was cited for his knowledge and skill and his availability to his fellow doctors in caring for mutual patients.’
      • ‘The message has been sent out to all divisions asking for the availability and status of certain specialists including forensic officers.’
    2. 1.2informal The state of not being currently involved in a sexual or romantic relationship.
      ‘if you call yourself 'Miss' you're advertising your availability to any man who takes a fancy’
      • ‘It's been said that Jane's cleavage is the shop window of her availability.’
      • ‘At the dances held in their honor, the Catherinettes' bonnets signal their "availability."’
      • ‘A matchmaker would take note and alert the single men about her availability.’
      • ‘He tells of encountering a woman, just out of the shower, who "signals her availability."’
      • ‘She was being a bit precious about her availability.’
      • ‘She played the disreputable vamp who wore flashy clothes and repeatedly raised her skirt as if to advertise her availability.’
      • ‘Keep the conversation centered around his availability for dating you.’
      • ‘She is a student, ostensibly with a physics problem, but who flirts outrageously, dances to the bongos, and otherwise makes clear her availability.’
      • ‘He has no entourage and a nonexistent family, which makes convenient and possible his availability on the same cruise as Holly.’
      • ‘She divorced five seconds ago from her director husband, and has wasted no time advertising her availability.’