Definition of autoxidize in English:


(also autoxidise)


  • See autoxidation

    • ‘In view of therapeutic strategies indole-type substances are to be preferred, as these are devoid of autoxidizing reactions as found with phenolic antioxidants like tocopherol.’
    • ‘The emulsion is autoxidized by subjecting it to an oxygen-containing gas to cross-link unsaturated fatty acid moieties until the emulsified particles are gelled or nearly gelled.’
    • ‘This occurs for example when traditional alkyd resins are autoxidised by atmospheric oxygen in the presence of an autoxidation promoter or ‘drying agent’ such as cobalt octoate.’
    • ‘Thus reaction further autoxidizes to produce free radicals, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals.’
    • ‘However, the oxy complex has the potential to autoxidise to form the ferric haemoglobin.’
    • ‘They speculated that the hydrocarbons might have been formed in autoxidizing dehydrated potatoes by hexanal decomposition that had been catalysed by fat peroxides.’