Definition of autotune in English:



  • A device or facility for tuning something automatically, especially a computer program which enables the correction of an out-of-tune vocal performance.

    • ‘The fake sky went dark and he sang in a numb and dire auto-tune tenor.’
    • ‘She embodies what is wrong with TV and the music industry - not a shred of talent required with reality tv and auto-tune.’
    • ‘The singer went on to explain that he should use auto-tune to "catch mistakes" before they happen.’
    • ‘Turn on the radio and without turning the dial you find one-hit wonders, wanna-be gangsters, lying fools, and most importantly autotune.’
    • ‘Ever since she burst onto the music scene, she has been criticized for frequent use of auto-tune on recordings.’
    • ‘Basically, the idea is you take real news and real newsmakers, and you put them through an auto tune.’
    • ‘It's hard to believe, in this day of auto-tune, that people are still acting surprised by her lip-syncing.’
    • ‘Sonically, the song is great, but for Brown to constantly drown his voice in auto-tune is getting annoying.’
    • ‘There's no auto-tune crooning or overbearing electronica background music.’
    • ‘However, he's a fan of Kanye's 2008 album, which made heavy use of auto-tune.’


  • 1 Tune (something) automatically:

    ‘there's also an FM radio which can autotune stations and has a ‘record’ option’
    • ‘You can autotune up to 10 programmes at a time.’
    • ‘Also new in the latest update: a new channel info bar, and a setting to let you auto-tune to HD channels!’
    • ‘DRM technology is more or less like "a smart radio" that auto-tunes itself during emergency and natural disasters.’
    • ‘Switch the box to "game" when you're using it, switch to the TV/Cable input manually, and don't let your TV try to autotune its way to a signal.’
    • ‘Once your TV stops receiving signal from your current networks, head into your menu and start auto-tuning.’
    • ‘However when I autotune the TV it only picks up the standard 5 terrestrial channels.’
    • ‘A kid should be taught how to auto-tune channels on the set.’
    • ‘It's like a roadtrip to hell where the radio autotunes to whatever's heaviest.’
    1. 1.1 Alter the pitch of (a voice recording) by means of a computer program:
      ‘vocals are often autotuned to fake perfection’
      ‘Cher is the woman that many credit for bringing autotuned vocals into mainstream music’
      • ‘The album is a bombardment of autotuned vocals with loud drums and techno beats.’
      • ‘The only music available was the lute and your natural voice, so that ruled out autotuned pop stars.’
      • ‘Maybe I will sing with them but you would have to auto-tune me!’
      • ‘Her energetic stage presence made the songs work, and those falsetto notes needed no auto-tuning.’
      • ‘The Gregory Brothers have become Internet famous for auto-tuning the news.’
      • ‘She's a fantastic singer (real pop music, instead of overly autotuned garbage!)’
      • ‘His acting sucks and his music is so auto-tuned a monkey could sing it.’
      • ‘While we may cringe at the autotuned quality of her voice, we can't help but agree with the lyrics.’
      • ‘She looks great but whoa..they really overdid it with the auto-tuning.’
      • ‘She sounds so good she almost sounds autotuned.’