Definition of autosuggestion in English:



mass noun
  • The hypnotic or subconscious adoption of an idea which one has originated oneself.

    • ‘Today many fields of industry such as sports and medicine are using positive auto-suggestion because the changes it creates are bringing unprecedented results.’
    • ‘In my view, the methods of self-training based on professional military traditions may include: self-persuasion, self-commitment, self-exercise, emulation, auto-suggestion, self-control and introspection.’
    • ‘Indeed, you can never really be 100% sure that even the most audacious results you have seen with your own eyes were not perhaps a strange confluence of self-hypnosis, auto-suggestion or coincidence.’
    • ‘The book delineates how we can call upon focusing techniques, imagery, body awareness and many other types of auto-suggestion in order to practice efficiently, overcome performance fears and find our expressive voice.’
    • ‘Lately I have been quite involved in developing and delivering sessions on self-affirmation and auto-suggestion.’