Definition of autosave in English:



  • A software facility which automatically saves a user's work at regular intervals.

    • ‘Finally, players never have to worry about the consequences of choosing a mission because of the inherent autosave feature.’
    • ‘It should also be noted that it has an autosave function besides the manual save option.’
    • ‘Also, there is an autosave that saves after each of your turns.’
    • ‘Even with the patches, it still occasionally crashes to the desktop, bringing me to further appreciate the new autosave feature.’


[with object]Computing
  • Save (work) automatically using the autosave facility.

    • ‘You play for five or ten minutes then put it aside (at the end of each level the game autosaves, and you can restart where you left off easily).’
    • ‘Note that this software doesn't autosave your work.’
    • ‘By default files are autosaved to the backup directory.’
    • ‘Also it doesn't seem to be autosaving even though I get a flash of ‘saving’ at every turn.’