Definition of autoroute in English:



  • A French motorway.

    • ‘The French rule automatically lowers speed limits (by 20 kph on autoroutes, 10 kph on main roads) in rain.’
    • ‘My reverie ends abruptly as I join the wrong exit lane from the autoroute, one reserved for drivers with a prepayment card.’
    • ‘We briefly chatted and we had agreed how much superior a drive in the countryside was to the blandness of the autoroute, and the many toll stations that appeared along the way.’
    • ‘There are shopping malls as hideous as any in Orange County, and an autoroute, the A63, that rumbles with trucks headed north from Spain.’
    • ‘After a final night I bade a fond adieu, then raced back up the autoroute to Calais in good spirits.’
    • ‘The French police have recently cracked down on speeding on the autoroute.’
    • ‘From Calais at midnight we drove straight into a wall of rain on the autoroute.’
    • ‘From Calais, the fastest way is the A16 autoroute towards Boulogne.’
    • ‘I would suggest that wherever possible you stick to the main autoroutes, though bear in mind that you will have to pay tolls on the French motorways.’
    • ‘Anyone who takes a motoring holiday in France soon learns to avoid buying fuel on the autoroutes, where the prices are much higher than elsewhere and do not seem to vary much between one petrol company and another.’
    • ‘In the 80s, the Mayor and the province agreed to turn the Metropolitain into a two-level highway by adding a tunnel below the existing autoroute.’
    • ‘About half of all Beaujolais is sold under the basic appellation Beaujolais, which comes from the Bas Beaujolais and the flatter land to the immediate west of the main north - south autoroute around Belleville.’
    • ‘Just five months after the Olympics, he was killed in a head-on collision, on the autoroute between Marseille and Lyon, on his way home from a training session in the south of France.’
    street, road, roadway, avenue, boulevard, way
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1960s: from French, from auto(mobile) ‘car’ + route ‘route’.