Definition of autorotate in English:



  • See autorotation

    • ‘This makes both of these helicopters very easy to autorotate, with large margins for pilot errors.’
    • ‘During a previous flight, the pilot successfully autorotated to a field when the dual magneto failed.’
    • ‘Subsequent to the ‘flameout,’ the aircraft was autorotated and a safe landing was made.’
    • ‘Aviation Week had a still photograph of that aircraft just before it autorotated into the ground.’
    • ‘The pilot autorotated into a grass field and managed to crash land the helicopter.’
    • ‘Diaspores are 22-mg and 22 mm long samara-like winged seeds that autorotate while falling at an average terminal velocity of 0.81 [+ or -] 0.01 m/s, mean [+ or -] 1 SE.’