Definition of autoresponder in English:



  • A program that automatically generates a set response to all messages sent to a particular email address.

    ‘I got a reply almost right away, which I assume was from an autoresponder’
    • ‘In fact, you can have an Internet business if you just pay for your domain, hosting and a followup autoresponder as fixed costs.’
    • ‘One of them will make me wait, for the contact is out of the office until next week, so sayeth her autoresponder.’
    • ‘Must everyone use an autoresponder?’
    • ‘Others suggested that spammers could circumvent it simply by writing an autoresponder that replied to the confirmation request.’
    • ‘A lot of marketers understand autoresponders, and follow-up autoresponder systems.’
    • ‘The research also found that three in ten companies used an autoresponder to reply initially to an email, but two in ten companies failed to follow this up with a proper response.’
    • ‘To retrieve the instructions and recipe via email autoresponder, simply send an email to:’
    • ‘From there the company or individual can dictate exactly what they would like the autoresponder to say to each email received as well as how to deal with different types of emails and other variations.’
    • ‘It did not send the newsletter to all my subscribers, so I have transferred my list to another autoresponder.’
    • ‘If your own Web site uses autoresponders, you will get Undeliverable Message E-mails when the autoresponder cannot deliver to the fake or forged return e-mail address used in the original Spam sent through your site.’
    • ‘Doing this technique, you don't have to reply to the hundreds of mailers one by one, because your autoresponder will have done that for you.’
    • ‘The easiest way is to use an autoresponder.’
    • ‘Make sure that you use an autoresponder to automatically send a sign-up confirmation and "day of event" reminders with the conference call-in information and access codes.’
    • ‘It's as easy as slapping some related articles into an autoresponder.’
    • ‘A good, FREE autoresponder is provided.’
    • ‘Offer it either by autoresponder or printer friendly version.’
    • ‘From the email messages in the autoresponder, you can send them to a simple order page for your own ebook or you can send them to an affiliate product page.’
    • ‘Smart Internet marketers today don't just use an "autoresponder."’
    • ‘An autoresponder sends out a scripted text via email.’
    • ‘If you're not familiar with the content, you can get it by autoresponder.’