Definition of autoradiograph in English:



  • A photograph of an object produced by radiation from radioactive material in the object.

    • ‘We assessed band sharing on polyacrylamide gel autoradiographs.’
    • ‘Fig 3 and Fig 4 each show scanned images of autoradiographs from a single gel and a single exposure.’
    • ‘The autoradiographs were scanned with a densitometer, and the signals were quantified.’
    • ‘Hybridization can be visualized by measuring color development on the blot when enzyme labels are used or by developing the radioactive blots onto autoradiographs.’
    • ‘The chromatogram produced can then be used to give an autoradiograph so the compounds that the radioactive material has been incorporated into can be readily identified.’
    • ‘We scored autoradiographs by identifying novel and shared bands.’


[with object]
  • Make an autoradiograph of.

    ‘the gel was dried and autoradiographed’
    • ‘The washed membrane was autoradiographed overnight.’
    • ‘Blots were dried and then autoradiographed for 5-15 days at - 80°.’
    • ‘The radiolabelled products were separated in a 6% denaturing polyacrylamide gel and autoradiographed.’
    • ‘Alternatively, the gel was autoradiographed at - 80°C.’
    • ‘Radioactivity in blots was detected upon exposure to autoradiograph film.’
    • ‘The membranes were then autoradiographed using a phosphoimaging system.’
    • ‘The labelled reaction products resulting from elongation of the primers were separated on polyacrylamide gels which were then autoradiographed.’
    • ‘Following chromatography, the plate was dried and autoradiographed.’
    • ‘Samples were electrophoresed on a 7% SDS-polyacrylamide gel, and autoradiographed.’
    • ‘After the pre-treatment of the gel, it is autoradiographed and the retarded band is cut from the gel and placed in an eppendorf tube.’