Definition of automobile in English:



North American
  • A car.

    • ‘Compare these advances to those in the automobile or electrical power industries.’
    • ‘On the plus side, the dearth of automobiles means there are no traffic jams.’
    • ‘The internal combustion automobile is one of the biggest engines of personal liberty ever created, right up there with the firearm.’
    • ‘Currently, more than 4 million automobiles are recycled every year in North America.’
    • ‘A similar approach was used later for traffic jams as automobiles replaced horsedrawn vehicles.’
    • ‘All major automobile makers have played a part in glamourizing these vehicles.’
    • ‘The three most expensive parts of an automobile are the body, the engine and the transmission.’
    • ‘For most of us, the purchase of a new automobile carries with it a substantial financial risk.’
    • ‘After all, automobiles lead to thousands of highway deaths every year.’
    • ‘Fuel cells are then stacked to produce enough electricity to power an automobile.’
    • ‘Despite all the safety features added to cars, an unacceptably high number of people are killed or hurt in automobiles.’
    • ‘The development of fuel-cell powered automobiles would be an environmental triumph, right?’
    • ‘Thus, today, there is growing use of safer, anti-lock brakes in automobiles and other motor vehicles.’
    • ‘So why is it taking so long for the fuel cell to become a source of power for the automobile?’
    • ‘Emissions were likely to get worse as more Americans purchased and drove automobiles.’
    • ‘You can read in bed or the bathroom, on planes, trains and in automobiles.’
    • ‘We can burn these fuels as power, for automobiles, aircraft, and so forth.’
    • ‘That's because automobiles themselves have become more or less commodities.’
    • ‘Like many towns, we tore up the streetcar tracks in the 1950s to make way for automobiles and parking spaces.’
    • ‘Buses and automobiles generated suburban expansion of both residential and commercial varieties.’
    • ‘The customised automobile had a high roofline, a stainless steel trim, brown leather seats and a sleek exterior.’
    • ‘Americans are well aware of the environmental impact of automobiles.’
    • ‘Three months later Susie was killed by an automobile on the road in front of her home.’
    • ‘The biggest obstacle to the performance of most electric automobiles is battery weight.’
    • ‘The small, bouncy automobile bumped over stones and sticks along the dirt road.’
    • ‘There is no mistaking the nationality of the automobiles these two companies produce.’
    • ‘So saying, he walked around to the front of the car and turned the crank until the automobile's engine roared to life.’
    • ‘The car radiator is a technology that has been around almost since automobiles were first invented.’
    • ‘It is this property of gases that make them useful as cushioning devices such as the air bags in an automobile.’
    • ‘The increasing ownership and use of private automobiles has produced associated traffic and parking problems.’
    • ‘If we want to be less dependent on foreign sources of energy, we must develop new ways to power automobiles.’
    • ‘Greenhouse gases are for the most part produced by burning fuels in industries, thermal power stations and automobiles.’
    • ‘In this position he undertook to construct roads suitable for the automobile era.’
    • ‘That is all that is needed just to meet the minimum requirements to be a modern automobile technician.’
    • ‘This forced the U.S auto industry to redesign and overhaul their automobiles.’
    • ‘Scrap from obsolete automobiles will be tested at the facility within the year.’
    • ‘He has been writing about automobiles and the auto industry for nearly 30 years.’
    • ‘For example, unicycles and automobiles are vehicles with one and four wheels each, respectively.’
    • ‘He says that if he was limited to just being able to design one product, it would be an automobile.’
    • ‘Carmakers will not be able to cut automobile prices and will do so only at the cost of squeezing their own margins.’
    motor car, motor, machine
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Late 19th century: from French, from auto- ‘self’ + mobile ‘mobile’.