Definition of automatize in English:


(British automatise)


[with object]usually as adjective automatized
  • Make automatic or habitual.

    ‘the need to refresh automatized forms of literature’
    • ‘The practice of reading helps to automatize the reading process.’
    • ‘The point is that our experience of language, quite as much as our experience of the world, is habitual and to that extent tends to be automatized.’
    • ‘By automatizing that process, you make it less effective.’
    • ‘After training, the degree to which a skill has been automatized has been measured using the disruption that occurs when targets and distractors are changed.’
    • ‘In this mode, users can automatize the process and define wherever they want to run it.’
    • ‘Others stress that rapid automatized naming is part of a more general phonological ability and poor readers are considered to be less adept at retrieving phonological codes from long-term memory.’