Definition of autologous in English:



  • (of cells or tissues) obtained from the same individual.

    ‘autologous bone marrow transplants’
    • ‘The patient donates two units of autologous blood before surgery.’
    • ‘If you have had an autologous transplant, your body will not reject the bone marrow.’
    • ‘In either case the transplant may be allogeneic, from a related or unrelated donor, or autologous.’
    • ‘Reconstructive techniques involve using autologous tissue grafts, tissue expanders, and implants or a combination of these.’
    • ‘If you are not able to have an autologous transplant, the doctors will try to find a bone marrow donor for an allogenic transplant.’
    • ‘He was treated 10 months later with autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation.’
    • ‘In an autologous transplant, stem cells are removed from the patient and frozen for later use.’
    • ‘Modern techniques use autologous tissue - from the body itself, such as hamstring tendon from the front of the knee.’
    • ‘What's much safer is an autologous transplant where a person's own stem cells are harvested either from their blood or bone marrow.’
    • ‘Despite advances in surgery, it is impossible to reconstruct the hand with autologous tissues.’
    • ‘Both autologous and allograft tissue sources may be used to treat cartilage.’
    • ‘The major advantage of autologous transplants is the lack of rejection and graft-versus-host disease.’
    • ‘In the EU, approximately 13,000 cancer patients undergo autologous bone marrow transplant each year.’
    • ‘The concept that autologous bone marrow stem cells target a specific organ and replace diseased cells is particularly attractive.’
    • ‘In contrast, autologous transplants usually result in relapse within one year, due to residual disease in the patient, or in the bone marrow preparation.’
    • ‘Breast reconstruction can be performed with implants or autologous tissue.’
    • ‘This treatment involves biological repair of the defect with autologous tissue.’
    • ‘In response, he had additional chemotherapy and an autologous stem cell transplant later that year.’
    • ‘Talk to your GP or consultant if you are thinking about autologous blood transfusion.’