Definition of autography in English:



mass noun
  • 1Writing done with one's own hand.

    • ‘Then again, we may have no license to read the work any way but abstractly, so heavy in paint and autography is it.’
  • 2The facsimile reproduction of writing or illustration.

  • 3count noun An autobiography.

    • ‘It also covers autographies of the late Chinese leaders of the older generation.’
    • ‘Included were 74 paintings, eleven drawings and etchings, nine autographies and several personal souvenirs.’
    • ‘This is the oldest collection at the University, and houses over 100,000 manuscripts and autographies spanning time from the 8th century to the present.’
    • ‘They should try and bequeath us their memoirs, autographies or a collection of their speeches to enable us benefit from their experience, knowledge and wisdom to serve as a guide to the present and future generations.’
    • ‘She, on the other hand, preferred biographies and autographies.’