Definition of autogiro in English:


(also autogyro)


  • A form of aircraft with freely rotating horizontal blades and a propeller. It differs from a helicopter in that the blades are not powered but rotate in the slipstream, propulsion being by a conventional mounted engine.

    • ‘The attempt by a Yorkshire-based soldier to fly an autogyro single-handed from England to Australia has failed.’
    • ‘An intrepid North Yorkshire helicopter pilot was today preparing for his most daring mission to date - to fly single-handedly around the world in an autogyro.’
    • ‘With that he escorted Jones to a hotel, insisted on paying the bill and when he drove his cousin back to the airfield next morning the autogyro had been filled with fuel - and given a polish.’
    • ‘Gyrocopters, also known as autogyros, are a type of aircraft that look like a cross between an aeroplane and a helicopter.’
    • ‘During the war a tiny number of helicopters and autogiros were employed, sometimes actually seeing action, though success was sporadic at best.’


1920s: from Spanish, from auto- ‘self’ + giro ‘gyration’.