Definition of autofocus in English:



  • 1A device focusing a camera or other piece of equipment automatically.

    • ‘The larger issue concerns the fact that some purchasers of the new digital model are complaining that the autofocus doesn't work properly; that the camera focuses slightly ahead of or behind the intended spot.’
    • ‘Only trick is to wind the window down first (or the autofocus won't work) and don't drop the camera.’
    • ‘The autofocus was shaky in the cold, and my gloved hands kept moving the exposure dial.’
    • ‘Actually, where the latter is concerned you've no choice, but I often find myself turning off the autofocus and twisting the focus ring manually, too.’
    • ‘If you use the autofocus (which I don't) this is definitely the camera to get.’
    • ‘In either case, you'll know when you're trying to take a picture that's beyond the camera's close-focus capability, because the autofocus won't lock on.’
    • ‘Image noise is not too bad and generally the autofocus is quick and effective.’
    • ‘The optical zoom covers a 28 mm to 200 mm range, and the autofocus can be overridden with a manual focus.’
    • ‘You can adjust the output of the flash and set its autofocus to focus on the left, center, right or all three areas within the image frame.’
    • ‘It is also useful when the camera's autofocus misbehaves for some reason and insists on focusing on the matrix or the background rather than on the crystals you are trying to capture.’
    • ‘And all of them have an electronic viewfinder instead of an optical one: these models have a light on the front that helps the autofocus do its job even in the dark, a nice touch.’
    • ‘An almost prescient autofocus instantly zeroes in on your quarry, then continuously adjusts to stay locked on to that charging moose until you nail the shot.’
    1. 1.1mass noun The facility for automatic focusing.
      ‘these pictures were shot with the help of autofocus’
      • ‘The microscope also has an autofocus mechanism.’
      • ‘When shooting, the camera is satisfyingly responsive, with quick autofocus and minimal shutter delay.’
      • ‘The central microprocessor receives information from the autofocus system and the light meter.’
      • ‘There's no autofocus, no auto-exposure, no auto-film-winding, no auto-nothing.’
      • ‘The combination of low angle, wide lens and autofocus created a unique perspective.’
      • ‘If you were to photograph people, then I would say autofocus would be useful.’
      • ‘Precision and speed of autofocus are of the utmost importance for the quality of object detection and the slide scanning results.’
      • ‘Manual-focus cameras use a linear polarizer, while many autofocus cameras use a circular version.’
      • ‘A bottom end camera body, but with autofocus.’
      • ‘The company has also developed some novel technology to drive autofocus mechanisms for mobile phone cameras.’
      • ‘Don't expect to find autofocus or any to other ‘latest features' type stuff on them.’
      • ‘An autofocus camera typically shifts the positions of some of those optical elements forward and backward until a sensor that monitors contrast differences in the field of view detects sufficient detail.’
      • ‘But this particular shot couldn't have been taken with anything other than an autofocus camera.’