Definition of autodial in English:



[no object]
  • (of a device) automatically dial a phone number or establish a connection with a computer.

    • ‘The Address Agent features autodialing of phone numbers.’
    • ‘However, what it doesn't do is put a 1 in front of long distance numbers, so when you autodial the number all you get is a helpful phone company recording that says, ‘We're sorry, you must first dial a 1 when calling this number.’’
    • ‘When the companies announced their merger, the nation's media reporters autodialed the usual critics of media conglomeration.’
    • ‘Sabrina hit the FLASH key and then autodialed Chris' cellphone.’
    • ‘She flipped open her PA and looked up ‘Vermont’, then ‘government’, then ‘legal departments’, then ‘Attorney General’, then autodialed the number.’


mass noun
  • A facility incorporated into a phone, computer, etc., that enables the device to dial and establish a connection with a particular number stored in its memory, either automatically or when activated by a simple command.

    ‘have a telephone with autodial by your bed’
    • ‘She pulled out her PA, flipped it open, and hit the autodial for the Fixit Shop.’
    • ‘So he's had the brilliant idea of calling through the autodial numbers on the phone until he finds someone who knows her mobile number.’
    • ‘He followed as he pressed the autodial for a cab company he used often.’
    • ‘It's really hard because I can't just delete him from the cell phone autodial and be off on my merry way.’