Definition of autocue in English:



  • A device which projects an enlarged image of a script on to a clear glass screen in front of a person speaking on television or in public, so enabling the speaker to read their speech while appearing to be looking at the viewers or audience.

    • ‘This is how some television newsreaders read, so that they can see the autocue as well as read what's in front of them.’
    • ‘He didn't want to read the autocue on afternoon TV - he was an artist.’
    • ‘The input from his guests was minimal because he spent most of the time reading a rather lame script from an autocue.’
    • ‘As the cameras roll, an attractive young woman sits at the newsdesk reading the autocue.’
    • ‘The problem was she had to read an autocue and she is not confident about reading lines, especially in front of strangers.’
    • ‘Reading an autocue while appearing relaxed and natural is not exactly rocket science.’