Definition of autocrine in English:



  • Denoting or relating to a cell-produced substance that has an effect on the cell by which it is secreted.

    • ‘Growth factors are intercellular signaling molecules that regulate cell proliferation by autocrine and paracrine mechanisms.’
    • ‘In particular, spatially localized autocrine signaling may confer directional persistence to cell migration, as suggested by recent experimental observations.’
    • ‘All three global inhibition factors that are identified here limit the signaling capacity of the cell, and as such can lead to the cell's inability to sustain autocrine signaling if too strong.’
    • ‘The amount of ligand that has been released by the autocrine cell in response to the activation is insufficient in this case to sustain signaling.’
    • ‘Among the system properties governing the transition from nonpolarity to polarity a prominent parameter is the rate of autocrine ligand release.’
    • ‘Here, we systematically derive discrete models of cell-to-cell communication from a mechanistic description of autocrine and paracrine signaling in epithelial layers.’
    • ‘We reasoned that if dopamine is also produced by the alveolar epithelial cells, then it may act as a paracrine or autocrine substance thus contributing to the regulation of lung liquid clearance.’


1980s: from auto- + Greek krinein ‘to separate’.