Definition of autocratically in English:



  • See autocratic

    • ‘In fact, he did not use the Constitution but governed autocratically.’
    • ‘This agreement, made in secret and implemented autocratically, tramples underfoot the democratic rights of refugees.’
    • ‘He reigned autocratically for more than 32 years, but following his downfall his handpicked successor led a transitional government into free elections.’
    • ‘Faculty members complained that he behaved autocratically in establishing the center without soliciting their advice and consent.’
    • ‘A party with an overwhelming majority cannot ignore the voices of civil society or political opposition, without risking both the accusation of arrogance and the insidious temptation to act autocratically.’
    • ‘He would often submit questions to them, asking their advice. He kept them informed of his actions, rather than behaving autocratically.’