Definition of authorize in English:


(also authorise)


  • Give official permission for or approval to (an undertaking or agent)

    ‘the government authorized further aircraft production’
    with object and infinitive ‘the troops were authorized to use force’
    • ‘The police then use that knowledge to get a warrant authorizing them to search a physical place for evidence of the crime.’
    • ‘However, they cannot authorize projects without the approval of the appropriate ethics committee.’
    • ‘How did you reach the decision to oppose authorizing the use of force?’
    • ‘All official labor unions there are authorized by the government and do not oppose official policies.’
    • ‘Francis authorized the stadium official at the scene to allow the game to proceed.’
    • ‘If they obstructed the inspections, then the UN might sanction forcing the issue by authorizing an attack.’
    • ‘I would not have voted to authorize use of force had the intelligence not been as substantial as it was.’
    • ‘The force will be authorised during its three-month mission to shoot to kill if necessary.’
    • ‘Congress argued about and approved a resolution authorizing war.’
    • ‘When he asked the police if they had an official document authorising this surveillance, they refused to reply.’
    • ‘The previous government had already issued an order authorising its demolition.’
    • ‘The estate agent hadn't been authorised by the solicitor to release the keys to us yet.’
    • ‘The majority held that the warrant did not authorize the officers to search anyone but the drug dealer himself.’
    • ‘A leaked memo indicates the police were authorized to use lethal force if they felt threatened.’
    • ‘The broker then authorizes his agents in the United States to pay for the goods the importers have ordered.’
    • ‘Some Democrats who voted to authorize the use of force are now rewriting the past.’
    • ‘The person in possession, however, may authorise others to give permission to enter.’
    • ‘Anyone wanting to take pictures has to get written permission and wear a sticker showing they are authorised.’
    • ‘In a society ruled by law, the use of public power should be authorized and permitted by laws.’
    • ‘The only exception is when the sign is authorised by law or has planning permission.’
    approved, recognized, sanctioned, commissioned
    give permission for, permit, sanction, allow, agree to, approve, give one's assent to, give one's consent to, consent to, assent to, accede to, countenance
    give someone the authority, give someone permission, mandate, commission, empower
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Late Middle English: from Old French autoriser, from medieval Latin auctorizare, from auctor ‘originator, promoter’ (see author).