Definition of authentically in English:



  • 1Undisputedly; genuinely.

    ‘her dances are as authentically Brazilian as their creator’
    • ‘It all feels like cinéma-vérité because of the location shoots and the authentically Canadian cast.’
    • ‘She thought everything was cheap and silly-looking, not authentically Chinese.’
    • ‘Liturgy, in its authentically Orthodox sense, is the transfiguration of nature.’
    • ‘The process is driven by the twin goals of participating in the new modern look and of accessing the authentically antique.’
    • ‘While the supporting players are authentically pot-bellied and stained of armpit, they look like pimps and hookers.’
    • ‘It is fitting that each is remembered by something fine and authentically British.’
    • ‘The achievements of Italian artists fix our idea of the correctly and authentically classical.’
    • ‘The hints of jazz and bluegrass confirm that the landscape is authentically American.’
    • ‘This record producer was also behind the first authentically Cajun album.’
    • ‘How much of it is authentically Mahler?’
    1. 1.1 In the traditional or original way, or in a way that faithfully resembles an original.
      ‘finding someone to cook curry authentically can be a real challenge’
      ‘the film authentically recreates 17th-century Delft’
      • ‘The exterior will be authentically restored to its original 1890s character.’
      • ‘The objective here is to let people see—as authentically as possible—what it's like to be on the front lines of those conflicts.’
      • ‘In 1875, the two German immigrants created their brand name to sound authentically American.’
      • ‘This video game has over 60 authentically modeled aircraft ranging from harrier-type jets to military helicopters.’
      • ‘This is yet another complication to the notion of recreating authentically an Elizabethan performance.’
      • ‘This particular feast is unobtainable here, but there are plenty of other good things authentically evocative of Turkey.’
      • ‘He made sure the Royal Canadian Redcoats were by far the most authentically costumed of those in any Hollywood production.’
      • ‘Such immersion into another culture and language is necessary if one is authentically to perform the dances of that culture.’
      • ‘She used her collections to re-create, as authentically as possible, 18th-century New England farm life.’
      • ‘Recreating the environment of 1863 and authentically reenacting the battle are a popular form of play at Gettysburg.’
    2. 1.2 (in existentialist philosophy) in accordance with an emotionally appropriate, significant, purposive, and responsible mode of human life.
      ‘am I living authentically, in a way that embodies my personal values?’
      • ‘Heidegger turns explicitly to the question of what is involved in existing authentically.’
      • ‘The gods have power, but they lack passionate attachments, the very faculty which makes us authentically human.’
      • ‘It involves finding acceptance for who you authentically are.’
      • ‘Existing authentically towards death is not dwelling on one's death, forever thinking about it.’
      • ‘A person can pretend to be happy only so many times before that person forgets how it feels to be authentically happy.’
      • ‘It is a way of moving into the future by taking over one's destiny, authentically and with resolve.’
      • ‘Being guided by forces external to the self, and which one cannot authentically embrace, seems to mark the height of oppression.’
      • ‘The epistemological problem with authenticity is that there's no way of knowing when you are living authentically.’
      • ‘To be authentically is to choose one's own life in the face of one's mortality.’
      • ‘An authentically meaningful life is one that answers to the existential condition of being human.’