Definition of australopithecine in English:


noun & adjective

  • See Australopithecus

    • ‘All hominids, including the australopithecines, are bipedal, meaning that they walk on two legs, and are therefore members of the ancestral lineage leading to modern humans (we are the sole bipedal apes).’
    • ‘This hominid was larger than the australopithecines and Homo habilis, with a brain approaching the size of a modern human brain.’
    • ‘These estimates postdate many well-documented australopithecine fossils and are therefore dubious estimates of the time since speciation.’
    • ‘Other features of the australopithecine foot, such as a big toe that lines up with, rather than opposes, the other toes, indicate that it did have an arch.’
    • ‘How could the australopithecines survive in Pliocene Africa?’
    • ‘‘But there are no fossils to prove that australopithecines evolved into humans.’’