Definition of Australianness in English:



mass noun
  • A quality or character distinctive of Australia or of Australians.

    ‘bands were toning down their Australianness to appeal to a wider market’
    • ‘He couldn't work out where his Britishness ended and where his Australianness began.’
    • ‘You refer to that particular quality of Australianness that you and your fellow writers of new wave were trying to explore.’
    • ‘What will they make of a country that is so lacking in national consciousness that it is unable to produce a flag that proclaims its Australianness?’
    • ‘Individual producers, distributors, and exhibitors inflect key tropes of Australianness, like the bush myth, in different ways.’
    • ‘Celebrate our Australianness by showing our usual mistrustful, self-deprecating, egalitarian, good-natured detestation of all such symbols of overt self-glorification.’
    • ‘This column has been trying to define Australianness since it first appeared in 2006.’
    • ‘The film's grounding in a believable urban situation and its identifiable Australianness obviously contributed to its local success.’
    • ‘What this all means is that the concept of Australia, and more so Australianness, is one with Anglo-Celtic culture.’
    • ‘The memorial's organization of form and materials suggest a kind of natural, earthy, broad-sweeping and open Australianness in contrast to the ceremonious conventionality of old world edifices.’
    • ‘These writers locate Australianness in iconic natural features - weather, animals, bad roads.’


Late 19th century: from Australian + -ness.