Definition of Australianize in English:


(British Australianise)


[with object]
  • Make Australian in character.

    ‘the two companies got together to Australianize the product’
    ‘the agency boss is an Australianized Brit living a two-hour commute from Sydney’
    • ‘Traditionally, they have just played the British coverage but in recent years they have felt the need to Australianize it.’
    • ‘The club should lead the nation and Australianize its constitution.’
    • ‘We would take that program and we would Australianize it more and more.’
    • ‘The film has been praised as postmodern pastiche and an Australian musical which can be seen to Australianize the form.’
    • ‘Directly electing the president would mean that our Constitutional symbolism, as well as being Australianised and de-Anglicised, would also be democratised.’
    • ‘It was the right time to launch a new company with the intention to revitalise and 'Australianise' Melbourne theatre.’
    • ‘I Australianized the recipe a little bit by using kangaroo steak instead of venison.’
    • ‘This is the heaviest and bleakest view of Australianised suburbia ever represented on local screens.’
    • ‘If we're going to win the hearts and minds of the Australian public and Australianize this game, we have to be successful as entertainers.’
    • ‘There's an attempt to Australianize the romantic-comedy genre alongside, and in opposition to, international interpretations.’


Mid 19th century: from Australian + -ize.