Definition of Australian Workers' Union in English:

Australian Workers' Union

(also AWU)


the Australian Workers' Union
  • A large Australian trade union, formed in 1894 by a merger of the Amalgamated Shearers' Union and the General Labourers' Union.

    ‘the Australian Workers Union is calling for the aluminium industry to be exempt from these targets’
    • ‘New Zealand shearers faced the wrath of the Australian Workers Union and their supporters for not using the traditional 'narrow comb' shears.’
    • ‘The critical report prompted the introduction of 'British' employment quotas by the Australian Workers Union.’
    • ‘He used his power base in the conservative Australian Workers Union to become premier.’
    • ‘Rural worker organisations have historically exhibited a conservative bent, especially through the dominance of the Australian Workers Union.’
    • ‘Three or four hundred men, led by the Australian Workers Union secretary, Harold Nelson, marched on Government House.’
    • ‘She was the first woman member of the Australian Workers Union.’
    • ‘The socialism of the Australian Workers Union was less doctrinaire than that of the city socialists.’
    • ‘National coordination of union peak councils took longer to achieve, principally because of the hostility of the omnibus Australian Workers Union.’
    • ‘Her father became an early member of the fledgling Australian Workers Union.’
    • ‘One of the barriers to the progress of the ACTU during the first 40 years of its existence was the large and powerful Australian Workers Union.’