Definition of Australian Rules in English:

Australian Rules

(also Australian Rules football)


mass noun
  • A form of football played on an oval ground with an oval ball by teams of eighteen players.

    • ‘Unlike their male counterparts, the women compete against teams from all Australian Rules football-playing states and the standard of play will only improve with the experience.’
    • ‘Victoria is also ‘footy’ country, and Melbourne is the capital for Australian Rules football, a fast-paced game played on an oval.’
    • ‘This was a wonderful game of Australian Rules football.’
    • ‘My dad, who was hopeless at cricket, played Australian Rules football to a very high standard and, from the age of six, I often went along to watch him train.’
    • ‘Tasmanian friends remember him as a keen, if rowdy, Australian Rules football player who thought nothing of sprinting the length of the field to support his team-mates in a melee.’
    • ‘In Australia his sport was rugby and Australian Rules football.’
    • ‘I played my first ever game of Australian Rules football on the Foundry Ground in Kalgoorlie.’
    • ‘In Australian Rules, every time a goal is kicked the ball is returned to the centre of the field and bounced again to restart the game.’
    • ‘This section of the paper will provide information concerning collective bargaining agreements in Australian Rules football, soccer, rugby union, and cricket.’
    • ‘In season, I follow Australian Rules and Rugby League with a keen interest.’
    • ‘He is not only one of the finest players, and coaches, in the history of Australian Rules, he is also one of its most constructive thinkers and finest ambassadors.’
    • ‘Are they still relevant to the games of Australian Rules and Rugby League?’
    • ‘In the southern and western states of Australia: Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart - there is the game of Australian Rules football.’
    • ‘Here is a list of my favourite things I love to see at a game of Australian Rules.’
    • ‘I remember my under 14's coach repeating time and time again that Australian Rules is a team sport.’
    • ‘Power admitted he didn't find the game ‘that physical,’ even though he accepts that side of the game is second nature to Australian Rules players.’
    • ‘Gary helps his local Australian Rules football team win the championship by accident.’
    • ‘Last I heard, he was playing in the British Australian Rules Football League in London.’
    • ‘Melbourne hosts up to five top class games of Australian Rules every weekend during the season, which runs from March to September.’
    • ‘Played under Compromise Rules, the game was one-half under Gaelic Rules and one-half under Australian Rules and the oval ball.’


Australian Rules