Definition of Australian pidgin in English:

Australian pidgin


mass noun
  • A variety of English used between indigenous peoples and settlers in Australia, particularly in the nineteenth century.

    ‘Melanesian Pidgin and Australian Pidgin shared a number of features’
    • ‘Australian pidgin had far-reaching influence on pidgin languages, even further afield in the Pacific region.’
    • ‘Numerous Australian pidgin words are finding their way into white Australian speech.’
    • ‘I was speaking Australian Pidgin, because my formality tends to crumble under the pressure.’
    • ‘This is similar to the use of /bin/ as past for 'be' and also as a past-tense auxiliary in Australian Pidgin.’
    • ‘English was used exclusively, with the now largely extinct Australian pidgin (which is different from New Guinea pidgin) as a crutch in earlier days.’
    • ‘The interest in Australian pidgin and creole languages went into a lull in the 1990s.’
    • ‘This was one of the local varieties of the general Australian Pidgin (AP) that developed out of New South Wales Pidgin.’
    • ‘The article explores the possible influence of Australian pidgin on Melanesian Pidgin.’
    • ‘A list of Australian Pidgin words and phrases follows.’
    • ‘This has given way to an increased use of Australian Pidgin, with the Aboriginal language gradually falling into disuse.’