Definition of Australian language in English:

Australian language


mass nounthe Australian language
Australian, NZ
  • 1The variety of English spoken in Australia; Australian English.

    ‘there are some similar examples to be found in the Australian language’
    • ‘The euphemisms of the frontier, laconic and sharp, entered the Australian language.’
    • ‘The Australian language developed during the 19th century, first mainly in the penal settlements.’
    • ‘But I love colloquial, I love the Australian language, and I love using it in my poetry.’
    • ‘If you take every swearword out of that Australian language, you're creating a vacuum that something else has got to flow into.’
    • ‘I have been making a careful study of the Australian language.’
    • ‘A new Australian language, based on a unique colonial society seeking to define itself, was thus slowly developing in these decades.’
    • ‘The Australian language is a very different animal and while many would suggest that this is simply the result of isolation and a weird ethnic mix, I would disagree.’
    • ‘The Australian language has its compehension difficulties, so they abbreviate everything longer than two syllables.’
    • ‘The relative size of the American cultural industry makes it increasingly part of Australian language and the way we describe ourselves.’
    • ‘Jargon has enriched the Australian language.’
    1. 1.1count noun An Aboriginal language.
      ‘Australian languages are important for understanding the continent's human past’
      • ‘The search has to be fast because most Australian languages are dying.’
      • ‘Luritja, which is related to other central Australian languages such as Pintupi, can be understood by approximately 3,000 speakers.’
      • ‘Switch-reference can be marked by independent morphemes, as is found in a number of Australian languages.’
      • ‘Through genocide, discrimination, and policies of linguistic assimilation, many Australian languages are no longer spoken, or spoken only by a few old people.’
      • ‘For a classical illustration, let us take a look at Dyirbal, an aboriginal Australian language spoken in North Queensland.’
      • ‘It is quite a common feature of indigenous Australian languages for words denoting country and/or spirit to move from one or the other meaning over time.’
      • ‘The one major family, Pama-Nyungan, includes all the Australian languages outside the northwest.’
      • ‘Two Australian languages utilize different sets of markers for implicated clauses, imperfective relative clauses and perfective relative clauses.’
      • ‘Furthermore, what we have seen here in Australian languages can also be observed in American languages.’
      • ‘All Australian languages are ultimately related, with the single exception of Miriam Mer, the language of the eastern Torres Strait.’