Definition of Australian ballot in English:

Australian ballot


  • A form of secret ballot, in which votes are cast in private on uniform ballot papers.

    ‘New York became the first American state to adopt the Australian ballot’
    • ‘One of the biggest stories is the upcoming Australian ballot for the leadership of the ruling Labor party.’
    • ‘Indeed, in some parts of the world, the secret ballot was, till recently, still referred to as the "Australian ballot" because we pioneered it.’
    • ‘Goaded on by the newly ascendant Populists, America soon adopted this "Australian ballot."’
    • ‘The early adoption of the institutions of representative democracy included the secret ballot (also known as the 'Australian ballot').’
    • ‘Preferential voting was for many years known as the Australian Ballot.’
    • ‘He advocated the "Nomination of Candidates by the Australian Ballot."’
    • ‘1856 - Australia becomes the first country to introduce the secret ballot - or 'Australian ballot' - for elections.’
    • ‘Balloting procedures were improved greatly in 1891, when the legislature adopted the Australian Ballot Act.’
    • ‘1890 saw the Australian Ballot system stop voting fraud in Seattle.’
    • ‘The secret ballot was first adopted in Victoria in 1856, and became known internationally as the 'Australian ballot'.’


Late 19th century: from the elections in Victoria and South Australia in 1856, which were the first in which voters indicated a choice in private.