Definition of austerely in English:


Pronunciation /ɔːˈstɪəli//ɒˈstɪəli/


  • See austere

    • ‘His status among the people was consolidated by his lifestyle - he lived austerely, and never married.’
    • ‘If you happen to forget your novel, you can quite happily while away the hours drinking in this austerely beautiful scenery.’
    • ‘One is an academic who lives austerely - perhaps too austerely - the other a corporate whiz.’
    • ‘‘I'll give you a week, Colin,’ Sam said austerely, ‘And you better have your answer by then.’’
    • ‘It is austerely modernist, making little concession to either plot or character, more like a fictive sculpture than a story, an obsessively repeated series of patterns.’
    • ‘His early works are romantic treatments of subjects from Ovid and Tasso; later he developed an austerely classical style.’