Definition of Aussie Rules in English:

Aussie Rules


mass nouninformal
  • ‘she's encouraging more women in the Air Force to have a go at Aussie Rules’
    another term for Australian Rules
    • ‘Aussie Rules in Central Australia is on a real high.’
    • ‘I would also suggest that all intercounty and club games should have two referees as they have in Aussie Rules.’
    • ‘At the 1947 Hobart Carnival, he was vice-captain of the NSW Aussie Rules team.’
    • ‘He is playing in only his second season of Aussie Rules.’
    • ‘They donned footy shorts for a game of Aussie Rules against a much stronger local side.’
    • ‘Australia did not enter the event, which is designed to promote Aussie Rules football worldwide.’
    • ‘The game's administrators need to accept that sponsorship dollars are a response to the mass interest Aussie Rules arouses.’
    • ‘The Aussie Rules action promises to be hot at this year's national inter-service championships.’
    • ‘Like wickets for a giant's game of cricket, these form the goals for Aussie Rules.’
    • ‘The smell of liniment will pervade Traeger Park on Sunday, heralding the start of the 2003 Aussie Rules season in Alice Springs.’