Definition of auricular in English:



  • 1Relating to the ear or hearing.

    ‘the Catholic doctrine of the necessity of private auricular confession’
    • ‘The ear is supplied by the greater auricular, lesser occipital, and auriculotemporal nerves, and the mastoid branches of the lesser occipital nerve.’
    • ‘[Improvement of blood pressure and left cardiac function in patients with hypertension by auricular acupuncture].’
    • ‘Reconstruction was performed using either sural nerve or great auricular nerve in 8 of 10 patients.’
    • ‘In addition to offering many opportunities for individual auricular confessions, twice or three times a year the parish offered the opportunity for communal services of forgiveness.’
    • ‘Which one of the following antibiotic groups is the best first-line oral therapy for infections associated with piercings of the auricular cartilage?’
    • ‘Based on our data, auricular acupuncture seems to offer a valuable alternative therapy for female infertility due to hormone disorders.’
    • ‘Any alteration to the facial contour due to a defect of the auricular skeleton usually causes dissatisfaction with one's physical appearance combined with deep psychological damage.’
    • ‘A major omission seems to be the investigation for an auricular origin of the cough, particularly in children.’
    • ‘Future research may indicate that patients with severe post auricular pain, dense palsy, or herpes zoster virus do better with higher dose antiviral therapy from the outset.’
    • ‘Soft tissue infection is an acceptable, if not expected, complication of piercing, but high ear piercing often results in auricular perichondritis.’
    • ‘Blood was drawn from the central auricular artery.’
    • ‘Failure to do so will constitute evidence that you have not truly heard, or may even be incapable of hearing - a modern auricular disorder that will require immediate professional intervention.’
    • ‘In auricular diagnosis one can identify subtle problems of the body by detecting areas of the ear which are discoloured, flaky, or have tenderness or high skin conductance.’
  • 2Relating to or shaped like an auricle.

    • ‘The elaborate silver mounts, however, consisting of two winged putti carry swords and a banner (on top) and grotesque masks, term figures, garlands, and auricular style scrollwork, seem to be the work of a European artist.’
    • ‘The sconce is decorated with motifs in the auricular style that was popular in the seventeenth century and is exemplified by rippling forms that resemble the human ear.’


Late Middle English: from late Latin auricularis, from auricula, diminutive of auris ‘ear’.