Definition of augmented transition network in English:

augmented transition network


  • A type of grammar that represents a sentence as a series of states and possible continuations, augmented with rules for such matters as word agreement.

    • ‘The augmented transition network, developed by Woods, has been used in natural language understanding systems and question answering systems for both text and speech.’
    • ‘An abstract semantic model called augmented transition network to model multimedia presentations is proposed.’
    • ‘The development of network-based machines for language processing has culminated in the design of various kinds of augmented transition networks, which essentially provide us with specialized programming languages for writing language processing applications.’
    • ‘The augmented transition network is a formalism for writing parsing grammars that has been much used in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Linguistics.’
    • ‘An abstract semantic model called the augmented transition network, which can model video data and user interactions, is proposed in this paper.’
    • ‘These augmented transition networks have already been successfully used since the 1970s for automatic language generation.’
    • ‘The approach adopted is to establish a relationship between this grammar and the augmented transition network, which is known to be as powerful as a Turing machine.’