Definition of augmented in English:



  • 1Having been made greater in size or value.

    ‘augmented pensions for those retiring at 65’
    • ‘The two-hour work demands almost 500 performers, including five sopranos, eight other soloists, an augmented orchestra and massed choruses (four of them in this new recording).’
    • ‘The Lieutenant Commander, who has experienced both systems, says the augmented model is a substantial improvement and the new system will be even better.’
    • ‘Improved seeds have contributed to augmented cultivation as is testified by the experience of the Land Development Agency during the last year.’
    • ‘The historical links between Congolese and Afro Cuban music are well documented and these two guitarists are keen to keep alive the great traditions; they are augmented tonight by a full band line-up.’
    • ‘The fish offerings come augmented by the succulent addition of crab, oysters, mussels, squid, prawn and the most favoured seafood - the delicious lobster.’
    • ‘Next, only an augmented international security presence in regional centers, plus targeted reconstruction aid that provides incentives for demobilization will bridge the security gap.’
    • ‘That afternoon the vote, augmented by signed proxy statements, went overwhelmingly in favor of instructing the board of directors to cease its efforts to obtain the Main Street space.’
    • ‘Hours later, the howling of wolves, augmented by the valley and echoing off the steep, timbered slopes, woke me from a dreamless sleep.’
    • ‘They are simply a reflection of what we have seen in our daily lives, augmented by imagination.’
    • ‘In short, the augmented tuition fee fails to meet current costs, let alone the requisite investment in infrastructure.’
    • ‘In the birthplace of civilization, we have again run aground on the rocky shoals of nationalism, this time augmented by a religious fervor that increases the danger.’
    • ‘An augmented brain will get so used to its powers - for example, being able to switch on a light by thought - that it will not be able to cope without the implant, he said.’
    • ‘It's too early to tour with the trio as it's just coming together but by next year I hope to come back to the UK with the augmented sound.’
    • ‘I noticed that stressful, anxiety-provoking events encountered during the day had a habit of cropping up in my dreams, augmented to terrible proportions by the merciless magnifying glass of the subconscious.’
    • ‘An augmented pension plan will enhance employees' retirement prospects.’
    • ‘The eight-man band, augmented by a three-man guest horn section, packed the stage with equipment and a wealth of musical expertise.’
    • ‘With his augmented capital, Huang had the old building refurbished in 1908, with the second floor functioning as a pharmacy department while the ground floor served as a shop front.’
  • 2Music
    Denoting or containing an interval which is one semitone greater than the corresponding major or perfect interval.

    ‘augmented fourths’
    • ‘The solo instrumental part, in the treble clef, has a melody line characterised by a falling figure, often an augmented fourth.’
    • ‘Their only curveballs thrown here are Beach Boys harmonies and the same augmented chord progression, and even these twists are rationed.’
    • ‘And several times in the book a diminished fifth rather than an augmented fourth is called a tritone.’
    • ‘They projected the first movement with energy, with an eerie second section of pizzicati textures and augmented harmonies leading to the powerful coda.’
    • ‘The verse riff consists of three pairs of lower-higher swung descending arpeggios that themselves feel like two pairs of augmented thirds, and then a little dip down a step from the higher arpeggio which it lands on for a while.’