Definition of auditorium in English:



  • 1The part of a theatre, concert hall, or other public building in which the audience sits.

    ‘the stage was small and the auditorium had only 366 seats’
    • ‘It will be better still when the actors' nerves settle and they learn to use the in-the-round auditorium so that we can hear every word.’
    • ‘At this conference, Ibrahim announced a special event and asked us all to remain in the auditorium.’
    • ‘The gallery looks more like an old theatre auditorium, with a dress circle, an upper circle, and boxes on the sides.’
    • ‘She said she was a little nervous about shedding her clothes in the cosy auditorium, where the audience sits a few feet from the stage.’
    • ‘For example, the projection of film in the darkened auditorium and its public reception are important elements of the cultural experience of film.’
    • ‘The debate was filmed by French television and Mr Cox answered questions from the news crew, with the audience in the auditorium as a back-drop.’
    • ‘The lights of the auditorium dim, the audience shuffles on their seats making sure they have a good view of the stage.’
    • ‘There was a distinct buzz in the auditorium, cameras were filming the audience as they arrived, more cameras were fixed at the sides of the stage.’
    • ‘The new national theatre will need two auditoriums, a rehearsal space, a restaurant/bar, an education facility and an archive.’
    • ‘Bragg, who will also oversee that project, notes that the three auditoria will together hold more audience members than the National Theatre.’
    • ‘A feature of the theatre is that all the foyer areas and the auditorium are accessible to wheelchairs.’
    • ‘Bar, foyer and backstage are all much improved but the red-plush auditorium retains its intimate charm.’
    • ‘The emphasis on the pastoral in Gregory Thompson's new production of As You Like It at the Swan is evident from the moment the audience enters the auditorium.’
    • ‘There is in the making a ruling to prohibit cell phones in all theatre auditoriums.’
    • ‘The sound of waves crashing played over this scene as the audience entered the auditorium.’
    • ‘In Reykjavik, the dark auditorium of the theatre glows with candles.’
    • ‘This time all three of the spaces at the Theatre Royal - the auditorium, the studio and the foyer - will be pressed into action.’
    • ‘They have larger auditoriums, larger audiences, and larger runs.’
    theatre, hall, concert hall, conference hall, assembly hall, assembly room
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  • 2North American A large building or hall used for public gatherings, typically speeches or stage performances.

    ‘the National Indoor Arena is a magnificent auditorium and one of Britain's premier indoor venues’
    • ‘Gore called Bush on the telephone, wished him well and said he would make his way to a public auditorium to deliver a concession speech.’
    • ‘This is the first fund-raising concert held by Music Network, an admirable organisation that brings affordable high quality music to regional areas that do not have the benefit of large concert halls or auditoriums.’
    • ‘Neither can you smoke in public places such as parks, auditoriums and government buildings.’
    • ‘The ceremonies took place before a capacity audience in an auditorium adjacent to the competition site.’
    • ‘In his heyday, Nader could arrive at any college campus in the US and fill the largest auditorium with an audience of adoring students.’
    • ‘The sold-out event took place in the Old Cabell Hall auditorium, which seats about 850 people.’
    • ‘However, they hoped to get a glimpse of the Pope at a public gathering in an auditorium.’
    • ‘A leisure centre complete with ice rink and an auditorium for rock concerts: not really the best place for a dignified ceremony.’
    • ‘Town and district councillor Phillip Allnatt wanted to see the site used as a public auditorium with space for homes, a new library and a new bus station.’
    • ‘Chris could hear his name echoing through the halls of the auditorium.’
    • ‘That evening, some York residents make their way to the concert in the new auditorium while others attend classes in everything from medieval art to kick-boxing.’
    • ‘Immediately adjacent to the hall are two auditoriums.’
    • ‘See the massive dance floors proposed for the auditorium and sports hall.’
    • ‘Prospective developers have been told they must include a swimming pool and an auditorium in their plans for the centre but the sports facilities may well be closed.’
    • ‘All bidders have been told that public swimming, leisure facilities and an auditorium must be provided on the site.’
    • ‘Runners return to the auditorium, where the scenes which have just been shot are immediately shown to the audience.’
    • ‘Darling Harbour is the site for many conference centres, exhibition halls and auditoriums.’
    assembly hall, assembly room, meeting room, large public room, chamber
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Early 17th century (originally in the general sense ‘a place for hearing’): from Latin, neuter of auditorius ‘relating to hearing’ (see auditory).