Definition of auditable in English:



  • See audit

    • ‘Enterprises must also be able to securely generate, exchange, archive and reconstruct e-transactions in an auditable manner.’
    • ‘We are now able to build a picture very quickly of the service we are providing, spot any problems, and provide an easily auditable set of performance data for fleets.’
    • ‘It is also an auditable process whereby we supply a monthly certificate of compliance and a report.’
    • ‘Good news coming out of California today, as they've done the sensible thing and will require all electronic voting machines to include an auditable paper trail to make sure that the votes are accurate.’
    • ‘It must be enforceable, verifiable, auditable, and effective - with clear recourses, particularly across borders.’
    • ‘He accepted it was essential to maintain Special Branch's ability to target terrorists, but stressed the need for more transparency and an auditable decision-making process.’
    • ‘Our complete dataset therefore included individual clinical and general policy making encounters, with an auditable trail of fieldwork notes and thematic analyses.’