Definition of audiophile in English:



  • A hi-fi enthusiast.

    ‘it puts professional studio sound within the reach of the audiophile’
    • ‘It's not like I'm one of those audiophiles who spends more time listening to his system than listening to the actual music.’
    • ‘True audiophiles can probably nitpick and point out the problems, but for everyday computer use and gaming, I find the sound acceptable.’
    • ‘Not being an audiophile I can only assume most expensive equals best sound.’
    • ‘I am not an audiophile, thank God; I do not want to listen to my speakers more than I listen to the music.’
    • ‘The 1958 recording is boomy, and not much of an audiophile delight.’
    • ‘And the most serious audiophiles will continue to demand an expensive hi-fi setup.’
    • ‘He was a devoted audiophile who had a pretty good ear.’
    • ‘Record companies had gotten in the habit of releasing key albums in expensive 7-inch reel-to-reel versions, highly valued by audiophiles for their sound.’
    • ‘For audiophiles there is also a soundtrack CD to try out.’
    • ‘Perhaps I am not as much of an audiophile as you, but I had no trouble distinguishing guitars, drums, saxophone and vocals.’
    • ‘The limited dynamic range of the soundtrack is an indication of the relative age of Spartacus, but only finicky audiophiles should mind too much.’
    • ‘It was a short LP but the short sides helped to make it an audiophile's delight even in its original incarnation.’
    • ‘I imagine this is how audiophiles spend their days - listening to silent records at incredible volume, with oscilloscopes.’
    • ‘For audiophiles, there are many free and cheap software programs, which provide the users the freedom to select the file format, how it will be recorded, and where it will be stored.’
    • ‘The two systems, which have won raves from audiophiles, use high-density disks that hold seven times as much data as CDs.’
    • ‘We're audiophiles, and we all have our systems.’
    • ‘… These are no ordinary discs either: they are Super Audio CDs, which occupy a niche targeted at audiophiles.’
    • ‘His reviews guided countless audiophiles to the right equipment.’
    • ‘As a music lover who happens to be an audiophile, it is worth it to me.’
    • ‘Collectors and audiophiles might not approve, but we'd reckon the majority of album buyers are less concerned about storing huge collections of CDs.’