Definition of audiologist in English:



  • See audiology

    • ‘Two highly qualified audiologists and speech language therapists with six educators are attempting to improve the speech abilities of the students.’
    • ‘If you have noticed symptoms of loss, you should consult an audiologist or physician to have your hearing tested.’
    • ‘A pediatric audiologist specializes in evaluating and assisting children with hearing loss.’
    • ‘A small number of babies will need further tests, in a special hospital clinic run by audiologists, if neither ear shows a clear response after the screening tests.’
    • ‘If you or someone you know is having trouble hearing, see your physician and an audiologist.’
    • ‘Many different types of hearing aid are available and the audiologist will advise as to which type best suits your needs.’
    • ‘The test results allow the audiologist to identify strengths and weaknesses in the child's auditory system that can be used to develop educational and remedial intervention strategies.’
    • ‘A physician checks for any ear infections, and an audiologist may be consulted to rule out auditory problems.’
    • ‘I teach and supervise students who want to become speech therapists and audiologists, so my students are sensitive to my disability.’