Definition of audio cassette in English:

audio cassette


  • A cassette of audio tape.

    • ‘This person gave me a French text book, told me to memorize a lesson every week and gave me an audio cassette tape to listen to.’
    • ‘A few years ago, he did it for a staged reading that is available on audio cassette.’
    • ‘Derbyshire Police confirmed yesterday they were examining the audio cassette recording as part of a ‘wide and detailed’ re-investigation into the killing.’
    • ‘They compile local news, produce a weekly audio cassette and distribute it for free to residents.’
    • ‘Three books of his poetry have been published as well as an audio cassette.’
    • ‘Forty years ago this month, Phillips launched the compact audio cassette at the 1963 Berlin Radio Show, and our relationship with music has never been quite the same since.’
    • ‘She said she would immediately courier me an audio cassette which would help me immensely.’
    • ‘So I took the easy road and made an audio cassette of my message.’
    • ‘Remember the audio cassette technology which preceded the cd technology?’
    • ‘Health professionals' education consisted of a pamphlet and a technical guide widely circulated in the experimental areas, along with an audio cassette specifically developed for family physicians.’
    • ‘I was up late that night trying to fix my audio cassette player.’
    • ‘They listen to the rhythmic sounds of a drum through headphones, while narrating their ‘journey’ on to an audio cassette.’
    • ‘Research had suggested that consumers would not want to purchase a miniaturized audio cassette player.’
    • ‘This two-hour audio cassette also contains a critical look at state lotteries.’
    • ‘One might, for example, copy a music CD to an audio cassette for playback on one's Walkman.’
    • ‘Or record yourself on audio cassette telling a story or singing a song.’
    • ‘You are free to tour the premises at your own pace accompanied by an audio cassette containing commentary by friends and family of Elvis including Priscilla, his former wife.’
    • ‘For the visually impaired an audio cassette is available.’
    • ‘Patients were also assisted with setting goals for lifestyle changes, particularly in nutrition and exercise, and were asked to use the audio cassette to practice relaxation for 20 minutes each day.’
    • ‘Competition for the two places is expected to be tough and applicants will have to send in an audio cassette or video with their report of a sporting event as well as a written report on an Olympic or Paralympic sport.’
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audio cassette

/ˈɔːdɪəʊ kəˌsɛt/