Definition of auction room in English:

auction room

(also auction rooms)


  • A building in which auctions are held.

    • ‘He said that auction rooms had seen the highest levels of activity since records began in 1985.’
    • ‘What they never tell you is that there is something profoundly depressing about auction rooms.’
    • ‘I have a cottage that I have spent many years renovating so I enjoy sifting through so-called bargains at various auction rooms or junk shops.’
    • ‘The programme then takes a selection of items and their owners to an auction room where they are sold.’
    • ‘In our impending house move the first thing to go to the auction room will be the brass bedstead.’
    • ‘It went under the hammer last week but emerged from the auction room with its current ownership still intact.’
    • ‘‘I found the wardrobe in an auction room in Omagh,’ he said.’
    • ‘Before taking part in an auction for the first time, pay a few visits to an auction room on sale day purely as a spectator.’
    • ‘The auction room was heaving with dealers, collectors and Hirst fans from across the world.’
    • ‘There were eight people in total in the auction room and there were three serious bidders.’
    • ‘Collectors and dealers from all over the world were present in the auction room.’
    • ‘There wasn't much action in the auction rooms this week.’
    • ‘They were sitting next to each other in the auction room, and when the gold medallion was put on the block, there was an intense silence in the room.’
    • ‘The best advice you can give anyone who is interested in a property is to get to the auction room and bid.’
    • ‘His love of antiques had grown during his school holidays when he would visit auction rooms with his mother.’
    • ‘The person who took his call literally ran upstairs to the auction room to place his bid as the hammer was coming down.’
    • ‘We furnished our first home almost entirely from country house sales, and the regular auction room in Grimsby.’
    • ‘You may already be a fan of the auction room that opened on this website in January 1999.’
    • ‘These opportunities are limited at the moment, which has created a healthy competition in the auction room.’
    • ‘Users can see the entire auction room contents on thumbnail photos.’


auction room