Definition of au courant in English:

au courant


  • 1Aware of what is going on; well informed:

    ‘they were au courant with the literary scene’
    up to date, up with, in touch, familiar, at home, acquainted, conversant
    abreast of, apprised of, in the know about, well informed about, knowledgeable about, well versed in, enlightened about, aware of, no stranger to
    au fait
    clued up about, genned up about, clued up on, well up on, plugged into, wise to, hip to
    switched on to
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    1. 1.1 Fashionable:
      ‘frocks with au courant details like ruching and asymmetrical hemlines’


Mid 18th century: from French, literally in the (regular) course.


au courant

/ˌəʊ kʊˈrɒ̃/