Definition of atypical in English:



  • Not representative of a type, group, or class:

    ‘a sample of people who are rather atypical of the target audience’
    ‘there were somewhat atypical results in May and November’
    • ‘There are a number of other causes of atypical pneumonia.’
    • ‘Persistence of atypical organisms has also been documented after clinical cure.’
    • ‘They are not sure what the organism is but it may be an atypical mycobacterium, which is peculiar to India.’
    • ‘A liver biopsy may be necessary if the diagnosis is unclear or if there are atypical features.’
    • ‘Pain in the abdomen below the last rib especially while walking or lifting weight is called atypical angina.’
    • ‘Many of the specimens were examples of typical things, but some were atypical.’
    • ‘However, he seems to recognize that his own experiences are atypical.’
    • ‘Far from complaining about the atypical venues, they rather enjoy them.’
    • ‘This was probably one of the best of its kind, but it was by no means atypical.’
    • ‘This indicates that for a long time successful people were those who were slightly atypical in their culture.’
    • ‘But then again, just about everything about this remarkable woman is atypical.’
    • ‘I've long ago learnt that the breed I encountered today is atypical.’
    • ‘Except in the most atypical and extreme cases, women are never truly proud of promiscuity.’
    • ‘If you've visited more than a few schools, you know this picture is not atypical.’
    • ‘Contrary to its name, atypical depression is one of the most prevalent forms of the disorder.’
    • ‘But I have to admit that my circumstances are unusual and my reaction is probably atypical.’
    • ‘Her atypical behaviour and progressive music meant that she fell out with the record company.’
    • ‘Such isolated examples would be atypical and quite misleading.’
    • ‘Perhaps my recent attack of apathy isn't so atypical after all.’
    • ‘This is not atypical of the way media treats any specialist pursuit.’
    • ‘It was in many ways, an atypical childhood, but he would just look at you blankly if you said that to him.’
    unusual, untypical, non-typical, uncommon, unconventional, unorthodox, off-centre, anomalous, irregular, abnormal, aberrant, deviant, divergent
    strange, odd, peculiar, curious, bizarre, weird, queer, freakish, freak, eccentric, quirky, alien
    exceptional, singular, rare, unique, isolated, unrepresentative, out of the way, out of the ordinary, extraordinary
    out of the common
    funny, oddball, off the wall, wacko, wacky, way out, freaky, kinky, something else
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