Definition of attunement in English:



  • See attune

    • ‘For those who have the luxury of regular access to natural settings suitable for meditation and attunement to the Earth, this may truly be the case.’
    • ‘Wicca, witchcraft, paganism, whatever you want to call it, is more like an attunement with the forces of nature, a response to them.’
    • ‘My body and soul serve to condition this effort with manual, physical, and spiritual attunement, not unlike the tuning of a musical instrument.’
    • ‘The physical daring, coupled with the sensuousness and intimacy, and the feeling of intuitive attunement between these two fascinating dancers, makes Push nearly, but not quite, a triumph.’
    • ‘Learning is already under way at this stage, involving, for example, the infant's affective attunement to the mother.’
    • ‘Anyway the Bowen technique, if you believe it, allows the body to reset itself and heal itself via a series of gentle attunements.’