Definition of attractiveness in English:



  • 1The quality of being pleasing or appealing to the senses.

    ‘this scheme could enhance the attractiveness of the area’
    • ‘This picture does not do justice to the attractiveness of all the boats and yachts that are anchored in this area.’
    • ‘You can enhance the attractiveness of something by adding ornamental details.’
    • ‘These cards are more likely to be retained rather than thrown away, given the attractiveness of the images.’
    • ‘Impressively made, but visual attractiveness does not a movie make.’
    • ‘Overemphasizing the attractiveness of the device and hiding the functionality can cause problems.’
    • ‘This level of attractiveness seemed to catch the eye of the people who used to pour scorn on video games and those who played them.’
    • ‘Aside from the film's aesthetic attractiveness, it also had an original rockin' soundtrack.’
    • ‘What are editors' attitudes and perceptions toward graphics and design with respect to the attractiveness of their online editions?’
    • ‘I am impressed by the aesthetics and functional utility of their cover designs, and the attractiveness of their promotional materials.’
    • ‘A dung-free landscape can only improve the attractiveness of the park.’
    1. 1.1 (in a person) the quality of being appealing or sexually alluring to look at.
      ‘my aunt did not marry until late in life in spite of her attractiveness’
      ‘simply smiling can increase your attractiveness to others’
      • ‘Unfortunately, her attractiveness is the source of much unhappiness.’
      • ‘He had his natural attractiveness turned off, as usual.’
      • ‘Even a level of general attractiveness can affect one's place in a culture.’
      • ‘He was still nervous around girls, still unsure of his attractiveness.’
      • ‘In highlighting the 'feminine' ideal of attractiveness, advertisements often show females in positions that emphasize their looks.’
      • ‘They do not adopt an overtly political stance or contradict the precept that physical attractiveness equals romantic appeal.’
      • ‘There was a subtle attractiveness to her, and I think that that was the one thing that made me fall for her.’
      • ‘After that, I had another three minutes of pure awe over his attractiveness.’
      • ‘Thematically their interactions deal with alcoholism and the diminishing attractiveness of an aging woman.’
      • ‘The physical attractiveness of the young performers makes the ravages of the disease—gaping sores weeping blood—all the more terrible to behold.’
    2. 1.2 The possession of qualities or features that arouse interest.
      ‘the new agreements will enhance the city 's attractiveness to overseas investors’
      • ‘To understand the attractiveness and influence of the frontier, it is necessary to consider the stories that were told about it.’
      • ‘The digipak presentation adds to the overall attractiveness of this release.’
      • ‘The marketer's task is to persuade people to make a transaction on the basis of the product's features, price, and attractiveness.’
      • ‘He contents himself with a class analysis of the attractiveness of the sport to yuppie parents.’
      • ‘The stability of the political system affects the attractiveness of a particular national market.’
      • ‘Strategies to nurture the party's attractiveness to blocs of non-white voters will be increasingly important as the population changes.’
      • ‘Low levels of public services, combined with historically low levels of educational attainment, limit the attractiveness for business.’
      • ‘Austen emphasizes the attractiveness of wealth by making Mary Crawford the first of her rich women to be a fully rounded and appealing character.’
      • ‘They support a more thoughtful development of the waterfront site that would enhance its urban attractiveness.’
      • ‘I seem to be insinuating the possibility and attractiveness of an ideology that will analyze social ills on a transcendental plane.’