Definition of attractively in English:



  • 1In a way that is pleasing or appealing to the senses.

    ‘desserts were attractively presented’
    • ‘Each purchase is painstakingly and attractively gift-wrapped with the store's logo and signature colors.’
    • ‘The book is compact, attractively laid out, and thoroughly footnoted.’
    • ‘A pan-European production, it is clearly written and attractively illustrated.’
    • ‘On most varieties, the leaves are attractively lobed.’
    • ‘Their lettuce, fresh, clean, and attractively presented at local farmers' markets, sells quickly and at a premium.’
    • ‘They are realizing that there are economical ways to present their photographs safely and attractively.’
    • ‘The artwork, attractively printed in blue ink on an off-white ground, has polish and clarity.’
    • ‘Carnegie Hall has an attractively designed website with all you'd expect for one of the world's major concert venues.’
    • ‘They attractively display unusual veggies at a local sidewalk showcase, trying to compete for consumer attention with handcrafted gelatos.’
    • ‘The sets of geometric shapes are painted in attractively unnatural enamel colors.’
    1. 1.1 (with reference to a person) in such a way as to be appealing or sexually alluring to look at.
      ‘I like to dress attractively’
      • ‘The skirt flared out attractively around her.’
      • ‘Is it possible to stay mad at a distant dad when he's also a sheepish, attractively rumpled amnesiac?’
      • ‘Burgundy colored hair fell attractively over his forehead in one strand determinedly longer than the rest.’
      • ‘His black hair was messy, but attractively so.’
      • ‘It represents the Greek god of wine as a beautiful youth, his hair attractively tousled and bound with vine leaves.’
      • ‘She's tall and attractively thin, with long, expressive limbs, a graceful neck, and a face Raphael would dream of painting.’
      • ‘An attractively plump woman reclined beside a stream picking flowers to the strain of a lilting love song.’
      • ‘A shrouded corpse is bound in red cord by an attractively attired woman, perhaps implying that everything can be marketed.’
      • ‘It was only then that he noticed how attractively Charlie was dressed.’
      • ‘Two guys with attractively stubble-dusted chins arrive on the scene.’
    2. 1.2 In a way that arouses interest.
      ‘the properties are attractively priced’
      • ‘The 1933 ad reads, "The standard five-passenger sedan is now reduced to $2,245—a price most attractively reasonable for a car of Cadillac design."’
      • ‘The stock looks attractively valued right now, especially in light of the expected growth to come.’
      • ‘As India grows in regional importance, the challenge will be to express that idea clearly and attractively to others.’
      • ‘It was a collection of attractively told stories about the five ways that help the human being succeed in life.’
      • ‘The public persona of a leader is important, but only as a way of communicating clearly and attractively a body of ideas.’
      • ‘The Chilean sea bass is very ugly, but at least it's not the orange roughy, which is the Atlantic slimefish, not an attractively named fish.’
      • ‘Offering a convenient, high-quality product that's priced attractively has been a recipe for success in our e-book program.’
      • ‘Behind him, various kinds of Democrats, including the attractively named "Blue Dogs," make the plans.’
      • ‘The companies hook cardholders with attractively low teaser interest rates, while reserving the right to raise those rates at any time, for any reason.’
      • ‘She was an estate agent "very good at her job," while the firm's prices were attractively cheap.’