Definition of attractant in English:



  • A substance which attracts.

    ‘a sex attractant given off by female moths to attract a mate’
    • ‘He says a major goal of the team's research is to identify which plant chemicals act as bug attractants.’
    • ‘These experiments should lead to development of optimal attractants combining chemical and visual signals.’
    • ‘These floral attractants are particularly alluring to moths called loopers.’
    • ‘Amino acids are suspected to be primary olfactory attractants for many marine crustaceans.’
    • ‘‘Chemical attractants are effective in attracting male fruit flies but not females,’ says Heath.’
    • ‘Do not allow damaged, overripe, and fermenting fruits to accumulate in the field as they serve as powerful attractants for the beetles.’
    • ‘In most species, the pheromones act as attractants and sexual stimulants.’
    • ‘Sex attractants called pheromones have been the main tool available to growers for monitoring codling moths in orchards.’
    • ‘Sugar sprays and attractants have failed to increase pollination.’
    • ‘Both the vibrant colors and the nectar supply of the heliotrope are excellent attractants for the butterfly.’
    • ‘It appears likely that the female emits a sex attractant, which acts as a releaser of male mating behavior.’
    • ‘They break down fairly quickly and release flavours and attractants into the water.’
    • ‘In addition to attractants, repellents are being developed to keep fire ants away from areas where they are a nuisance.’
    • ‘If we're going to learn to live with bears and other wildlife in the state, we need to teach people to stop leaving food and other attractants out.’
    • ‘A flower, for example, may mimic sexual attractants to draw pollinating insects, while other animals may emit scents that deter predators.’
    • ‘In addition to finding the sugars, salts, nitrogen, and amino acids they need to survive, they must also consume certain chemicals used for making sex attractants.’