Definition of attention span in English:

attention span


  • The length of time for which a person is able to concentrate on a particular activity or subject.

    ‘used effectively, humour can prolong the attention span of the students’
    ‘the youths have low boredom thresholds and short attention spans’
    • ‘This breed had a short attention span and would attack whatever made the most noise.’
    • ‘A short attention span is causing international support for a war crimes tribunal to wane.’
    • ‘The film first panders to your short attention span, and then hits you with emotional baggage.’
    • ‘The biggest problem is the short attention span demonstrated by children and pets.’
    • ‘It wasn't that his attention span was short, it was just that it focused on much bigger, more important things.’
    • ‘He was not particularly intelligent, had a short attention span, and was easily bored.’
    • ‘Moreover, the attention span of the average reader too has grown shorter over the years, Daruwalla said.’
    • ‘Our attention span is very short and we are always looking for the next big thing.’
    • ‘There are probably three great albums in here, but in itself it is too long for someone with my short attention span.’
    • ‘It's all micromoments and fleeting glimpses, perfect for the short attention span.’
    • ‘Later there will be no need for an explanation since everybody knows that the public attention span is short and the media will have moved on.’
    • ‘Ask this person if your child has a short attention span or is hard to control.’
    • ‘The filmmakers often operate as if they believe the audience has the collective attention span of a gnat.’
    • ‘Just as a baby has a short attention span, so is the case for your young animal.’
    • ‘TV producers assume we all have the attention span of a goldfish.’
    • ‘His attention span was short, though, and even loneliness did not bother him for long.’
    • ‘It portrays Martin as a befuddled individual with a short attention span and a weight problem, who exhibits no sign of remorse.’
    • ‘And when he was fretting over a deal he had the attention span of a gnat.’
    • ‘Anybody who thinks that young people have a short attention span has never watched them hooked into a movie or a game.’
    • ‘All these demanded concentration and a longer attention span than computer games.’