Definition of attention-seeking in English:



  • Attempting to attract the attention of other people, typically by disruptive or excessively extrovert behaviour.

    ‘children who are homesick may engage in attention-seeking behaviour’
    • ‘I think the main motive for the opposition is just the usual Leftist attention-seeking, however.’
    • ‘This can be difficult to manage - there may be attention seeking behaviour.’
    • ‘This seems like an unnecessary attention-seeking tactic, making sure we notice a particularly sleazy line.’
    • ‘Admittedly, there wasn't the dead weight of the attention-seeking kid to exacerbate matters.’
    • ‘You have this attention-seeking heiress without the sense God gave rabbits, desperately looking to become famous.’
    • ‘That's what these people are doing - they're pounding the table in desperate attention-seeking attempts to feel superior.’
    • ‘Knowing that these thoughts are there is an important first stage in overcoming attention-seeking behaviour.’
    • ‘Barely turned three, she seemed more akin to her craven, attention-seeking mother than to her newborn brother.’
    • ‘I look forward to your next attention seeking move.’
    • ‘At her Old Bailey trial, Andrews was presented in evidence as "attention-seeking and manipulative in her relationships," he said.’
    • ‘There will be few flashy signs or attention-seeking gestures.’
    • ‘Director Kramer avoids any attention-seeking camera work, with only one particular sequence standing out.’
    • ‘Putting your company's name in lowercase is an even more pathetic attention-seeking device.’
    • ‘In a nutshell, ten attention-seeking nobodies spend what seems like six months in a house, with one being voted out each week.’
    • ‘Thus a great hue and cry was launched in the Pagan public by attention-seeking hack writers over a bit of bibliographic honesty.’
    • ‘There are high-performance sports cars that can be driven around town without feeling like you are an attention-seeking pillock.’
    • ‘The very delicacy of their situation is what provokes the attention-seeking behaviour.’
    • ‘No wonder we have grown impatient at the attention-seeking antics of the privileged.’
    • ‘A collection of attention seeking performers gathers in Edinburgh to strut their stuff at the Fringe Festival.’
    • ‘However, I should not pay much attention to either the attention seeking people on there or the comments posted on the thread all about me.’
    troublemaking, troublesome, unruly, rowdy, disorderly, undisciplined, riotous, wild, turbulent
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